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Term 2 & 3 will be 6 weeks to allow for rain. Wednesdays 3.30-4.00 / 4.00-4.30 and advanced 4.30-5.30.

Term 1, run by Blake Cowley, Professional Golf Coach is a complete one looking at all aspects of the game.  The programme will run for 7 weeks @ the Whangaparoa Golf Club, with the following steps.

Week 1:
Basic set-up
Week 2:
Full swing
Week 3:
Understanding the purpose of the game
Week 4:
Rules of the game
Week 5:
Full swing
Week 6:
Target Games
Week 7:
Ambrose (1 or 2 holes)
After 7 weeks of 30 minute lessons, your child will have the knowledge to understand the game of golf and get a taste of the different areas in golf.
Advanced golfers, will have 1 hour lessons and will work on the skills of improving their game.
A bit about about Blake
Coaches Inc Team Member
Professional Golf Coach
Class AA Member of the New Zealand PGA 
4 years coaching experience
Honours Rules of golf 
Tour Player (Australasia) 
As a coach my aim is to understand my client’s goals, individual learning style and physical strengths. This will allow me to design a swing that will help that client to reach their individual goals. In my experience ever golfer is different, this means that there is not one swing model that will work for everyone. I make sure I give my clients enough information for them to take on the course, rather than information overload. At the end of each lesson I make sure the client has a full understanding on what they need to work on. The last thing that a player wants is too much information which is going to make them more confused than they were in the beginning. I believe that having a friendly and fun environment clients are able to relax and get more out of their lesson.
At the age of 12 I remember telling my mother that “when I grow up I want to be a After spending my high school years missing out on the golf team I was determined to get better. I left school and spent 18 months at the New Zealand Golf Academy at St Peters College in Cambridge NZ, were I had seven days a week coaching, playing and training. I played 3 years for the Taranaki Golf team and 1 year for the Waikato team. At the age of 18 I achieved my goal of becoming a professional golfer in 2010. I started my three year NZPGA Traineeship back at my home club of New Plymouth. At the end of 2012 I had finished my Traineeship with the highest qualification available (AA member) and come runner up in the Trainee of the year award.
In January 2013 I made the move up to Auckland where I got the head professional job at Whangaparaoa Golf Course. Over the last 9 months I have spent my time coaching and playing. In July 2013 I got offered a chance to work with the Coaches Inc team at Takapuna and am now working alongside the most positive coaches in the industry.
Blake also coaches all ages,  contact him at blake@coaches-inc.co.nz if you want help with your game.
Contact Mandy Houseman,  Golf Delegate on golf@sportgulfharbour.co.nz to register.

SGH Golf Delegate
Mandy Houseman
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