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Special Abilities Information

The Sport Gulf Harbour Charitable Trust and The Leisure Centre are hosting a Special Needs SportsProgramme designed specifically for interaction and connection with children with Special Needs forexample: Autism, Aspergers, ADHD, Downs Syndrome, Angelman Syndrome, Cerebral Palsy, GlobalDevelopment delays to name JUST a few including any physical disabilities- (wheelchair)
These sessions will run on a Wednesday from 4-4.30pm during school terms only in the Leisure Centre Stadium and parent/caregiver participation is a necessity in order for this to work successfully.

We welcome also siblings along to interact as well with their brothers or sisters too.Sport Gulf Harbour Delegate for this group Gaylene Chambers says that "There will be absolutely NObarriers for participation in this programme". "These kids face enough barriers in life without us putting morein their way"

The sessions will help develop co-ordination, social skills, self confidence and kinesthetic skills in a safe andultimate FUN environment.The sporting options will be Basketball-(hands only) Soccer- (feet only) and Rugby-(hands and feet) to beginwith, but we can develop a programme to suit your child’s specific needs accordingly.

Even better....it’s FREE of charge, due to a very generous Sport Gulf Harbour grant.
Fill out this form to bring along with you.
Time: 4pm-4.30pm
Age Group: 5 years and beyond
Where: Leisure Centre, Stadium
Co-ordinator: Lynda Luiten – Stadium Team Leader is running this session
Uniform: None necessary, as this can be a sensory issue for some
**Please bring Drink bottles and snacks for afterwards and anything else you feel will help settle your child**
Co-founder and Delegate of Sport Gulf Harbour Comments:
As a Mother with a six year old son called Rikki with Autism, ADHD, Global Development Delays,Sensory Processing Disorder, anxiety and other issues, this FUN and interactive session, will helpour kids learn to follow instructions, waiting, turn-taking, to use gestures, Makaton and/or speech,vocalizations, eye selection touch, fitness, core strength and loads more advantages!
I am very excited to start this well needed programme on the Peninsula, and hope other families willfind it just as great too.
Finding a suitable sport for your child with ANY special need, whether physical or cognitive comeswith endless barriers if the correct understanding is not implemented, We find, because Rikkilooks “normal” his behaviour and reactions hard for people to accept- as Rikki is a tall boy, he iscognitively of a 31/2 year old, yet he is 6 years of age- BUT with this special session, it will allowother families to collaborate and we will ultimately understand each others child, there will be asense of acceptance, and no judgement, we will not have to justify our childs behaviour, we will ACCEPT HE/SHE for whom they are, and what they will BRING! WHO knows, they may even be Sportsman/Woman of the year one day, or complete in ainternational event at the Olympics!
We are proud of ALL our children!
The other benefit of this group is to INCLUDE our other children, siblings….this is important tr me,as often its ALL about the child with special needs, and having to plan everything around them.This session will be for families to interact together, and bring them closer and learn differentstrategies for play therapy and HAVE FUN MOST OF ALL! Or alternatively, you could have your caregiver, respite care worker get involved and come alonginstead, even the kids Grandparents, aunts/uncles, neighbours, its up to you!
We look forward to you coming along!
TIP: Like our son, he requires a lot of preparation, he has daily visual charts, so maybe take avisit to the stadium in advance and take some photos, even on your phone, then your child willknow what is happening every Wednesday afternoon or check out the Leisure Centre webpage.www.theleisurecentre.co.nz

So…..don’t be afraid, come on down, and give it a go!

SGH Sport for Special Abilities Delegate
Gaylene Chambers

Dates for 2014:
Term 1.

12 feb
19 feb
26 feb
5 march
12 march
19 march
26 march
2 April
9 April
16 April

Term 2.

14 may
21 may
28 may
4 June
11 june
18 june
25 June
2 July

Term 3.

30 july
6 aug
13 aug
20 aug
27 aug
3 sept
10 sept
17 sept
24 sept

Term 4.

22 oct
29 oct
5 nov
12 nov
19 nov
26 nov
3 dec
10 dec